Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A 2 colour printed bag

which turned into a 3 colour after it was decided to add red to the design.

Flock printing

For a fashion label

3 colour print

Printed on T-shirts and Sweatshirts for Snickers

A photographic colour separation

These can be tricky, even more so when the image goes down small. Screenprinting requires bigger dots than a computer screen!

Nice and Easy!

A one colour print on a canvas bag, for a PR company.

A 4 colour separation process print

Achieving a whole spectrum of colours using halftone dots. For Anjuna Beats.

The Backlog...

We have a huge backlog of posts to put up here, from our old site - so expect some activity of new and old images, many examples of our printing. We are still looking for a new member to join us and rent a desk space - email us if you want to come and look around. here is a detail of a print we have just printed for a lido in south london